BISHOP MOORE COLLEGEMAVELIKARA | Alappuzha | Estd : 1964Affiliated to the University of Kerala NAAC Re-accredited (III Cycle) with A Grade (3.04 CGPA)
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A well-known proverb reads thus ‘If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people’. Today, I believe that for India to be a global leader, we should endeavour to accomplish all the three simultaneously and attempt to do it well.

Since more than five and a half decades, Bishop Moore College has had a transformative influence not just in this region, state or country but across the world. GK Chesterton had said ‘’Education is simply the soul of the society as it passes from one generation to another’’ Bishop Moore College has been able to ensure that the soul that passes on from one generation to an another is refined and bettered every time! With the help of the spark that they gained from the College, our Alumni have added to the luminosity of the world.

With an A grade in NAAC and SAAC, being consistently ranked among the top 100 Colleges in the world in the NIRF ranking and being ranked a proud 51 among the colleges of our counry in 2023, placed in performer band in ARIIA Ranking 2021, Bishop Moore College has been always been an institution that has valued the richness that tradition offers while at the same time ever willing to imbibe change and embrace the promise that the future holds.

The pandemic years have posed new challenges and simultaneously have opened new windows of opportunities for us. We are now aware of the possibilities that technology offers to us, while being conscious of the pitfalls. We as a family have been conscious of the digital divide and have relentlessly been trying to bridge the same.

Teaching, Learning and Research are the foundation of all Education. Understanding these three terms and thinking of ways and means to effectively involve in the three is what would make any educational institution stand out as a centre of excellence. My clarion call to my students and teachers would be to mould ourselves to be ones with (to borrow Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s phrase) ‘Ignited Minds’!

Thank You.

Dr Ranjith Mathew Abraham