BISHOP MOORE COLLEGEMAVELIKARA | Alappuzha | Estd : 1964Affiliated to the University of Kerala NAAC Re-accredited (III Cycle) with A Grade (3.04 CGPA)
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College History

The CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese had a golden opportunity to uphold the great traditions of the Church Missionary Society in the field of education in 1964 when the Government of Kerala announced the need to start Junior Colleges in the State. Bishop M.M. John, the then Bishop of the Diocese , took the important decision to start a new junior College in the southern part of the Diocese. His historic decision was viewed as a divine intervention to uphold the Christian values in a changing world. He named the College BISHOP MOORE COLLEGE, in honour of the late Rt. Rev. Edward Alfred Livingstone Moore, the fourth Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Travancore-Cochin.

The Bishop M. M. John entrusted the formidable challenge of establishing the college in the safe hands of Rev. Prof. K.C. Mathew. Achen along with a dedicated team of 19 teachers and 2 non teaching staff embarked upon this herculean task of building this great Institution. The first team consisted of Rev. Prof. K. C. Mathew, Prof. M. K. Cherian, Prof. Ninan Koshy, Rev. Prof. Itty Mathew, Prof. George. M. Cherian, Prof. Elizabeth Mathew, Prof. Anna Varghese, Prof. V.C. John, Prof. K. George, Prof. K. P. Annamma, Mrs. Joseph Thundiyil, Mrs. Helen David, Rev. Prof. Thomas Ninan, Prof. T.J.Philip, Rev. P.J. Varghese, Prof. Janardhanan Pillai, Prof. Venketachalam, Prof. K.C .Jacob and Mr. George Varghese among the teaching staff, and Mr. T.K. Mathai and Mr.K.I. Cherian, among the Non teaching staff. The College had a very humble beginning with the classes for the first batch commencing in a thatched shed made of coconut leaves. The place where the college stands is called Kallumala (mount of rocks), which was earlier a graveyard, has now been transformed in to one of the best center of learning in Kerala.

The founding fathers of the College admitted students without any discrimination on the basis of religion. Merit and suitability was the only criteria for selection of staff at that time. The rights of conscience of all were respected. Special consideration was given to educationally backward section in the matter of admissions. It was the ardent desire of the founders that the students in its precincts and others leaving the portals of the College should be patriotic and should develop a genuine sense of service to the Nation.

Bishop Moore College came in to shape at Kallumala, Mavelikara in the Alapuzha District of Kerala. It was started in 1964 as a junior College providing facilities for the two years Pre-degree course of the University of Kerala. The founders of the College had only the words of St. Mathew in Chapter 5 of verse 14 & 15(You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house) to give expression to their vision of the College at Mavelikara.